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Project Orion: Mo-cap Test Day

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  • Knife Disarm Principles

    Jeff Imada shares knife disarm principles with Ikazuchi Dojo students at a "show and tell" event. With over four decades of martial arts experience with bladed weapons, Jeff's movements and tactics are spectacular to see.

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  • Hanmi Variation: Close Quarters

    Sven Thilo, an Ikazuchi Dojo instructor, shares a hanmi application for close quarters situations with a potential threat whose primary objective is not physical harm. Unfriendly encounters in bars or nightclubs are some scenarios in which this variation can serve as a valuable defensive tool.

  • Tsuki Sayunage Variation

    Chris Jones shares a new instructional method technical variation of our tsuki sayunage technique. He pairs the standard ukenagashi deflection with a simultaneous atemi with the secondary hand. It's an interesting variation that Matsuoka Sensei thinks is worth exploration. Our initial conclusions...