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Hanmi Variation: Close Quarters

3m 36s

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  • Tsuki Sayunage Variation

    Chris Jones shares a new instructional method technical variation of our tsuki sayunage technique. He pairs the standard ukenagashi deflection with a simultaneous atemi with the secondary hand. It's an interesting variation that Matsuoka Sensei thinks is worth exploration. Our initial conclusions...

  • Knife Flow Overview

    In this short discussion, Mark Cheng gives Josh Gold a primer on the nature and value of knife flow drills used in Kali systems. Josh shares his thinking on an important gap in our knife training methods (relative to sword and jo practice) and how knife flow drills can serve to improve our Aikido...

  • Knife Flow Drill: Polusot (Heaven grip)

    Mark Cheng shares a foundational Kali knife flow- the Palusot. In this drill, one partner uses a standard knife grip (heaven) and the other uses an inverted grip (earth). As a beginner to the sequence, Josh is led through the heaven grip side of the drill.