5 Episodes

Testing Overview: http://ikazuchi.com/members/testing-overview/
Kyu Requirements: http://ikazuchi.com/members/kyu-requirements/
Preparation: http://ikazuchi.com/members/test-preparation/

Ikazuchi Dojo’s testing culture is built around a format that’s not a choreographed demo, but a carefully calibrated challenge. We use tests as an opportunity to understand our true skill and ability. It’s a priceless learning opportunity – not just for the student testing, but for dojo instructors. The students learn their strengths and weaknesses and the instructors learn if their teaching strategies have been effective.

As students test for higher ranks, they’ll encounter increasingly greater challenges. The ukes will disengage and release from ineffective controls, regain their balance if given the opportunity, and will show the nage if they leave any major openings. At these levels, the tests also allow nage greater freedom to chose techniques. We want to see flexible application of aikido, and we want to see a student freed to use the techniques they are most comfortable and effective with.

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  • 5th Kyu Test: Liah

    Episode 1

    We consider this a benchmark 5th kyu test.

    Leah's test results are included below. Excellence runs in the family. Leah's brother is Trevor, who you can see in action here:


    Liah's Test Results:
    Outstanding test Liah. All of the test...

  • 3rd Kyu Test: Trevor

    Episode 2

    Ikazuchi Dojo doesn't offer a children's program, but we do accept teens with a sincere desire to learn the art and the dedication to make it happen. Trevor is one such teen. This video shows his 3rd kyu test which we consider to be well executed. While there are some form and technical details t...

  • 2nd Kyu Test: Dave Lee

    Episode 3

    Dave Lee, now an Ikazuchi Dojo instructor, takes his 2nd kyu test in 2011.

    You’ll see many techniques fail in Dave’s test, yet we consider this to be a very good example of a 2nd kyu test. At this level the ukes launch fast strikes and will escape when presented with any opening. This kind of...

  • 1st Kyu Test: Sven Thilo

    Episode 4

    Sven Thilo takes his 1st kyu test at Ikazuchi Dojo in 2005. Ukes include Eddy Olandj and Hiroshi Katagiri.

  • 1st Kyu Test: Josh Gold

    Episode 5

    Josh Gold's 1st kyu test conducted by Matsuoka Sensei in 1994.

    The test requirements were a bit different at Tenshin Dojo in the 1990s, but the core of the test remains the same. The intensity and demands of today's tests have not diminished since those days.

    There were many shomenuchi Ik...