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Knife vs. Knife Yokomen

3m 24s

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  • Knife vs. Knife Gyaku Yokomen

    A basic response to a diagonal backhand slash attack from a short blade. This video includes instructional details and highlights parallels with empty handed aikido movements.

  • Knife vs. Knife Tsuki

    An ukenagashi based deflection and weapon control response to a thrusting attack with a knife. The defender's non-weapon hand uses a movement very similar to our sayunage applications from strikes.

    We are still experimenting with this movement so you can expect the details and instructional m...

  • Knife vs. Knife Kata

    A basic 4 attack / 4 response kata using the first four lines of attack covered in the suburi exercise earlier in the series. This kata is designed to cultivate proper body positioning and efficient movement linking.