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Menuchi-Undo: Training Exercises

3m 33s

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  • Tenkan: Rotational Movement

    Rotational or tenkan movements are utilized in the majority of aikido techniques - even irimi dominant applications. Josh Gold and Dave Lee use a physics based approach to outline biomechanics principles that lead to balanced, fast, and injury free tenkan movements.

  • Irimi: Linear Movement

    Linear movement (forward, back, or lateral) is a component of nearly every aikido technique. In this video, we examine some of the fundamental principles and guidelines for creating fast and stable linear / irimi movements.

  • Shikko

    Josh Gold outlines the fundamental postural and movement mechanics for shikko (knee walk). The framework outlined in this video is designed to lead to a smooth, efficient, and injury free shikko movement.

    Dave Lee joins Josh for this shikko fundamentals review.