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A window into how we approach our learning. Classes, workshops, small group, and individual instruction.

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  • Introduction to Fundamentals

    Episode 1

    Josh Gold and Dave Lee discuss the importance of proper mechanics when using some of the most foundational aikido movements and outline an approach to breakdown and share the technical details for these movements.

  • Seiza
    Episode 2


    Episode 2

  • Hanmi Posture Mechanics

    Episode 3

    Josh Gold and Dave Lee review the fundamental elements of hanmi posture from a biomechanical perspective. Skeletal alignment and muscular engagement for key parts of the body are shown.

    Using these guidelines for hanmi posture will result in increased stability and maneuverability, and will m...

  • Hanmi Posture Variations

    Episode 4

    Josh Gold and Dave Lee review three key ways to modify and customize your hamni posture. Each of the three adaptable elements are reviewed in detail and a number of applications are discussed.

    Being able to intelligently adapt your hanmi posture for a particular purpose will dramatically imp...

  • Menuchi-Undo

    Episode 5

    Josh Gold and Dave Lee review the fundamentals of menuchi-undo, an exercise often practiced in warm-ups.

    Because this movement is a foundational form underlying a range of deflections, techniques, and strikes, improving it will have a significant positive impact on a practitioner's aikido

  • Menuchi-Undo: Training Exercises

    Episode 6

    Josh Gold and Dave Lee share a series of paired training exercises that can be used to develop and test proper body structure.

  • Tenkan: Rotational Movement

    Episode 7

    Rotational or tenkan movements are utilized in the majority of aikido techniques - even irimi dominant applications. Josh Gold and Dave Lee use a physics based approach to outline biomechanics principles that lead to balanced, fast, and injury free tenkan movements.

  • Irimi: Linear Movement

    Episode 8

    Linear movement (forward, back, or lateral) is a component of nearly every aikido technique. In this video, we examine some of the fundamental principles and guidelines for creating fast and stable linear / irimi movements.

  • Shikko
    Episode 9


    Episode 9

    Josh Gold outlines the fundamental postural and movement mechanics for shikko (knee walk). The framework outlined in this video is designed to lead to a smooth, efficient, and injury free shikko movement.

    Dave Lee joins Josh for this shikko fundamentals review.

  • Shikko: Tenkan

    Episode 10

    Moving on the knees is already a difficult task that takes skill. Turning on the knees in a smooth an stable manner is a formidable challenge.

    Josh Gold reviews 3 elements that can be employed to create fast, stable, and flowing tenkan (turning) movements while in shikko.

    Dave Lee joins J...

  • Shikko: Training exercises

    Episode 11

    To make shikko (knee walk) work smoothy and efficiently, certain levels of mobility, balance, and functional strength must be attained.

    Josh Gold and Dave Lee identify the specific requirements and review a series of training exercises that can be used to develop these attributes.