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  • Strike Deflection

    Josh Gold shares one of our strike deflections with Mark Cheng (off-screen). We commonly use this deflection to transition into an iriminage, kaitennage, kotegaeshi, or kubishime.

    The video was filmed during part of Mark and Josh’s ongoing knowledge exchange program. It's featured in a blog po...

  • Randori Positioning Tactics: Instruct...

    In this instructor training session, Matsuoka Sensei shares key positioning tactics in a randori scenario. Sensei shows proper ranges to execute techniques, and shares one of the most common errors he seen in randori.
    Note the format Sensei uses to transmit this information to Chris Jones and Na...

  • Randori: Controlling The Space

    A key strategic concept in randori or any multi-attacker engagement is establishing positional advantage. Never turn your back on an attacker. Never let them regain the initiative. Never be reactive and let the attackers set the pace.

    Inherently at a disadvantage in randori (facing multiple a...