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Randori Positioning Tactics: Instructor Training

5m 27s

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  • Randori: Controlling The Space

    A key strategic concept in randori or any multi-attacker engagement is establishing positional advantage. Never turn your back on an attacker. Never let them regain the initiative. Never be reactive and let the attackers set the pace.

    Inherently at a disadvantage in randori (facing multiple a...

  • Randori: Grab Releases

    A short primer on using grab releases in randori. Moving beyond basic static wrist grabs, we explore free form grabs in a dynamic scenario.

    While it’s natural to practice and refine the throws and deflections used in randori, one typically under-trained skill is the grab release. At brown bel...

  • Moving Through Resistance: Instructor...

    In this instructor training session, Matsuoka Sensei gives Chris and Nastia critical guidance for their development. Using a kokyunage throw as a framework, Sensei reveals a technique to move through resistance without resorting to a contest of strength. For other students at a different skill le...