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Moving Through Resistance: Instructor Training

5m 21s

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    Matsuoka Sensei guides Ikazuchi Dojo instructors through a set of tactics to employ when using hand movements in randori practice. He highlights the importance of staying to the outside of all attackers (so no one is behind the defender) but also shows conditions that require the nage to go betwe...

  • Randori: Hand Movements

    Josh Gold leads a hand movement practice session with two dojo students. In randori, one should throw the attackers at every opportunity. However, there are many moments when a throw is unsafe or not possible due to the speed or positioning of the attackers. In these case, we use hand movements t...

  • Randori Training: Eddy Olandj 1996

    This unedited video shows a typical randori training session for a student preparing for shodan at Tenshin Dojo in the 1990s. Eddy Olandj is led through the training session by Matsuoka Sensei. Although this clip is only 10 minutes, these sessions would typically run for 30-90 minutes.