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Munedori Hijishime: Part 2

6m 39s

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  • Randori: First Cut

    Our randori practice almost always starts with the defender seated, facing three attackers lined up on the other side of the dojo. When randori begins, the attackers charge at full speed. If the nage moves too soon, the attackers will track her. If she moves too late, she receives the full force ...

  • Pin Fundamentals

    Josh Gold shares technical details for an Ikkyo and Nikyo seated pin as well as one variation of a standing pin.

    The basic forms for these pins are easy to perform. However, there are a number of underlying details that can be employed to significantly improve the effectiveness of the pins. T...

  • Strike Deflection

    Josh Gold shares one of our strike deflections with Mark Cheng (off-screen). We commonly use this deflection to transition into an iriminage, kaitennage, kotegaeshi, or kubishime.

    The video was filmed during part of Mark and Josh’s ongoing knowledge exchange program. It's featured in a blog po...