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A window into how we approach our learning. Classes, workshops, small group, and individual instruction.

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  • Munedori Hijishime: Part 1

    Episode 1

    Related blog post with technical overview:

    Two years ago Matsuoka Sensei began using a new form of hijishime. It was breathtakingly powerful and lightning fast. We've since gained a sincere appreciation for this technique at Ikazuchi Dojo. It works ve...

  • Munedori Hijishime: Part 2

    Episode 2

    "Hijishime: Part 1" shows Josh Gold sharing the technique with Mark Cheng. During Mark and Josh's training session, Matsuoka Sensei stopped by the dojo to say hello to Mark.

    Sensei didn't bring a gi, but unexpectedly got on the mat in his street clothes to share postural and body structure pr...

  • Randori: First Cut

    Episode 3

    Our randori practice almost always starts with the defender seated, facing three attackers lined up on the other side of the dojo. When randori begins, the attackers charge at full speed. If the nage moves too soon, the attackers will track her. If she moves too late, she receives the full force ...

  • Pin Fundamentals

    Episode 4

    Josh Gold shares technical details for an Ikkyo and Nikyo seated pin as well as one variation of a standing pin.

    The basic forms for these pins are easy to perform. However, there are a number of underlying details that can be employed to significantly improve the effectiveness of the pins. T...

  • Strike Deflection

    Episode 5

    Josh Gold shares one of our strike deflections with Mark Cheng (off-screen). We commonly use this deflection to transition into an iriminage, kaitennage, kotegaeshi, or kubishime.

    The video was filmed during part of Mark and Josh’s ongoing knowledge exchange program. It's featured in a blog po...

  • Randori Positioning Tactics: Instructor Training

    Episode 6

    In this instructor training session, Matsuoka Sensei shares key positioning tactics in a randori scenario. Sensei shows proper ranges to execute techniques, and shares one of the most common errors he seen in randori.
    Note the format Sensei uses to transmit this information to Chris Jones and Na...

  • Randori: Controlling The Space

    Episode 7

    A key strategic concept in randori or any multi-attacker engagement is establishing positional advantage. Never turn your back on an attacker. Never let them regain the initiative. Never be reactive and let the attackers set the pace.

    Inherently at a disadvantage in randori (facing multiple a...

  • Randori: Grab Releases

    Episode 8

    A short primer on using grab releases in randori. Moving beyond basic static wrist grabs, we explore free form grabs in a dynamic scenario.

    While it’s natural to practice and refine the throws and deflections used in randori, one typically under-trained skill is the grab release. At brown bel...

  • Moving Through Resistance: Instructor Training

    Episode 9

    In this instructor training session, Matsuoka Sensei gives Chris and Nastia critical guidance for their development. Using a kokyunage throw as a framework, Sensei reveals a technique to move through resistance without resorting to a contest of strength. For other students at a different skill le...

  • Hand Movements: Instructor Training

    Episode 10

    Matsuoka Sensei guides Ikazuchi Dojo instructors through a set of tactics to employ when using hand movements in randori practice. He highlights the importance of staying to the outside of all attackers (so no one is behind the defender) but also shows conditions that require the nage to go betwe...

  • Randori: Hand Movements

    Episode 11

    Josh Gold leads a hand movement practice session with two dojo students. In randori, one should throw the attackers at every opportunity. However, there are many moments when a throw is unsafe or not possible due to the speed or positioning of the attackers. In these case, we use hand movements t...

  • Randori Training: Eddy Olandj 1996

    Episode 12

    This unedited video shows a typical randori training session for a student preparing for shodan at Tenshin Dojo in the 1990s. Eddy Olandj is led through the training session by Matsuoka Sensei. Although this clip is only 10 minutes, these sessions would typically run for 30-90 minutes.