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Seminar Highlights Part 2: Nov 2016

Featured Videos • 9m 14s

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    Craig Dunn Sensei has known Matsuoka Sensei since 1979. In this video, Craig shares his early experiences in the world of aikido - his first exposure to the art, moving to Japan and finding Tenshin Dojo, meeting Matsuoka Sensei, and learning from Seiseki Abe Sensei- one of O-Sensei's closest disc...

  • Experience with the Masters: Craig Dunn

    Craig shares some of his experiences with the great masters of aikido. Enjoy these colorful, Insightful and humorous stories about Isoyama Sensei, Chiba Sensei and Abe Sensei.

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    Jeff Imada shares knife disarm principles with Ikazuchi Dojo students at a "show and tell" event. With over four decades of martial arts experience with bladed weapons, Jeff's movements and tactics are spectacular to see.

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