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Seminar Highlights Part 1: Nov 2016

Featured Videos • 7m 21s

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  • Seminar Highlights Part 2: Nov 2016

    Highlights from the Saturday afternoon session of Matsuoka Sensei's November 2016 seminar. The class was hosted at the ARC on the UCI campus.

    The focus for this session was tanto-dori (knife control) and using the tanto as a tool for exploring body structure principles.

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    Craig Dunn Sensei has known Matsuoka Sensei since 1979. In this video, Craig shares his early experiences in the world of aikido - his first exposure to the art, moving to Japan and finding Tenshin Dojo, meeting Matsuoka Sensei, and learning from Seiseki Abe Sensei- one of O-Sensei's closest disc...

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    Craig shares some of his experiences with the great masters of aikido. Enjoy these colorful, Insightful and humorous stories about Isoyama Sensei, Chiba Sensei and Abe Sensei.