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Experience with the Masters: Craig Dunn

Featured Videos • 6m 17s

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  • Knife Disarm Principles

    Jeff Imada shares knife disarm principles with Ikazuchi Dojo students at a "show and tell" event. With over four decades of martial arts experience with bladed weapons, Jeff's movements and tactics are spectacular to see.

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  • The Importance of Kokyu Dosa

    Matsuoka Sensei shares his thoughts on the importance of kokyu dosa. He points out the value of the exercise as a way to measure and test one's ability to move freely through resistance.

    Part of the dialogue was taken from an instructor training session with Nastia Shuba and Josh in which he r...

  • Abe Sensei Demo: 1990s

    Seiseki Abe Sensei (10th dan) and his senior students lead an Aikido demo to commemorate the opening of the Suita City Budokan in Osaka, Japan.

    This demo was filmed in the late 1990's.