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  • Matsuoka Sensei: On Tanto-dori and Dan Inosanto

    Matsuoka Sensei talks about his experience with the legendary Dan Inosanto and his thoughts on aikido based knife defense techniques.

  • Kumi-Tanto R&D

    Matsuoka Sensei and Josh Gold experiment with a series of knife vs. knife katas and disarm variations. Matsuoka Sensei used this session to explore a range of movements learned from the legendary Dan Inosanto and seek ways to adapt them into forms that will be accessible and beneficial to aikido ...

  • Tanto-Dori R&D

    Matsuoka Sensei and Josh Gold experiment with a range of knife deflections and disarms based on their training under Dan Inosanto Sensei. This video provides a rare window into the "behind the scenes" creation and exploration process of a high-level aikido instructor.

    Not yet fully tested and...

  • Tanto Suburi

    This video provides an overview of basic lines of attack with a short blade and explains the importance of learning to attack effectively with a weapon that we wish to defend against.

  • Gyaku Yokomen Redirect: Tanto Dori

    A deflection and redirect technique for a backhand diagonal slashing attack with a knife.

  • Seminar Highlights Part 1: Nov 2016

    Highlights from the Friday evening session of Matsuoka Sensei's November 2016 seminar hosted at Ikazuchi Dojo and the UCI campus.

    The focus for this session was body structure and connection.

  • Seminar Highlights Part 2: Nov 2016

    Highlights from the Saturday afternoon session of Matsuoka Sensei's November 2016 seminar. The class was hosted at the ARC on the UCI campus.

    The focus for this session was tanto-dori (knife control) and using the tanto as a tool for exploring body structure principles.

  • Beginning The Journey: Craig Dunn

    Craig Dunn Sensei has known Matsuoka Sensei since 1979. In this video, Craig shares his early experiences in the world of aikido - his first exposure to the art, moving to Japan and finding Tenshin Dojo, meeting Matsuoka Sensei, and learning from Seiseki Abe Sensei- one of O-Sensei's closest disc...

  • Experience with the Masters: Craig Dunn

    Craig shares some of his experiences with the great masters of aikido. Enjoy these colorful, Insightful and humorous stories about Isoyama Sensei, Chiba Sensei and Abe Sensei.

  • Knife Disarm Principles

    Jeff Imada shares knife disarm principles with Ikazuchi Dojo students at a "show and tell" event. With over four decades of martial arts experience with bladed weapons, Jeff's movements and tactics are spectacular to see.

    Learn More:

  • The Importance of Kokyu Dosa

    Matsuoka Sensei shares his thoughts on the importance of kokyu dosa. He points out the value of the exercise as a way to measure and test one's ability to move freely through resistance.

    Part of the dialogue was taken from an instructor training session with Nastia Shuba and Josh in which he r...

  • Abe Sensei Demo: 1990s

    Seiseki Abe Sensei (10th dan) and his senior students lead an Aikido demo to commemorate the opening of the Suita City Budokan in Osaka, Japan.

    This demo was filmed in the late 1990's.

  • Matsuoka Sensei Q&A

    As our next step moving towards live streaming, we will do a pre-recorded and edited Q&A with Matsuoka Sensei in this format. If you have a question for Sensei, please post it in our forum. We can't promise we'll answer all questions, but we'd love to see if we can strengthen our connection with ...