10 Episodes

Interviews, dialogue, and friendship.

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  • Matsuoka Sensei: On Tanto-dori and Dan Inosanto

    Episode 1

    Matsuoka Sensei talks about his experience with the legendary Dan Inosanto and his thoughts on aikido based knife defense techniques.

  • Beginning The Journey: Craig Dunn

    Episode 2

    Craig Dunn Sensei has known Matsuoka Sensei since 1979. In this video, Craig shares his early experiences in the world of aikido - his first exposure to the art, moving to Japan and finding Tenshin Dojo, meeting Matsuoka Sensei, and learning from Seiseki Abe Sensei- one of O-Sensei's closest disc...

  • Experience with the Masters: Craig Dunn

    Episode 3

    Craig shares some of his experiences with the great masters of aikido. Enjoy these colorful, Insightful and humorous stories about Isoyama Sensei, Chiba Sensei and Abe Sensei.

  • Matsuoka Sensei Q&A

    Episode 4

    As our next step moving towards live streaming, we will do a pre-recorded and edited Q&A with Matsuoka Sensei in this format. If you have a question for Sensei, please post it in our forum. We can't promise we'll answer all questions, but we'd love to see if we can strengthen our connection with ...

  • The Importance of Kokyu Dosa

    Episode 5

    Matsuoka Sensei shares his thoughts on the importance of kokyu dosa. He points out the value of the exercise as a way to measure and test one's ability to move freely through resistance.

    Part of the dialogue was taken from an instructor training session with Nastia Shuba and Josh in which he r...

  • Longevity and Optimal Performance: Stan Pranin

    Episode 6

    With our ability to grow within the art of aikido over a lifetime, how can we best prepare our bodies to ensure high-performing movement capacity over the long term? One strategy is to employ a practice like yoga to build and preserve mobility, joint strength, and stability.

    During a QA sessio...

  • The Essence of Aiki: Stan Pranin

    Episode 7

    Stan Pranin Sensei shares his thoughts on the essence of aiki. He talks about the difficulties in defining “aiki” and how its expressed in very different ways by different masters.

    This video was shot at Ikazuchi Dojo as part of a weekend knowledge exchange with Stan Pranin Sensei. The distinc...

  • Meeting The Masters: Stan Pranin

    Episode 8

    In this short video, Stan Pranin Sensei talks about his experience with various masters. Having conducted over 200 interviews, Pranin Sensei provides unique and colorful insights into his personal experience with some of giants of the aikido world.

    This video was shot at Ikazuchi Dojo as part...

  • Body Structure Principles: Haruo Matsuoka

    Episode 9

    This clip was shot during a video night event with Matsuoka Sensei. While reviewing an old video, a student asked Sensei a question about movement. Sensei stood up and replied with a short discussion and demo related to body structure principles. This event was held as part of one of our first Sh...

  • The Post-War Aikikai: Stan Pranin

    Episode 10

    In this short video, Stan Pranin Sensei shares his views on how and why the resolution of The Pacific War brought about changes to the Aikikai. Pranin Sensei also surprisingly reveals that his research leads him to believe that O-Sensei was briefly arrested as a war criminal.

    This video was s...