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Matsuoka Sensei: 1989

4m 5s

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  • Osaka 1983 Class

    This video shows Matsuoka Sensei and Seagal Sensei leading classes at Tenshin Dojo, Osaka in the early 1980s (1982-1983). Note the large class sizes and the energy within the practice.You can see Seagal Sensei teaching Matsuoka Sensei kotegaeshi breakfall ukemi at 1:35.

    This video was filmed b...

  • Ikazuchi Dojo Cinematic

    A short action video produced by Todd Porter and Diane Cu. We are deeply grateful for the spectacular artistic contributions Todd and Diane have made to Ikazuchi Dojo.

    You can learn more about Todd and Diane here:

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  • 1993 Demo: Matsuoka Sensei

    This demo took place in 1993 as part of the opening ceremonies of Kent Moyer’s Los Angeles based karate dojo. Matsuoka Sensei shows a range basic, intermediate, and advanced movements in the demo. The randori at the end is particularly impressive. WIth only a small amount of space available to mo...