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Osaka 1983: Branch Dojo Demo

5m 9s

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  • Hand Movement Demo

    A short demo of Matsuoka Sensei showing a series of hand movements used to evade and clear two attackers. Ikazuchi Dojo practices this as a randori training exercise, limiting the nage’s options to disallow throws. This brings the focus entirely on positioning to ensure nage doesn’t turn their ba...

  • Matsuoka Sensei: 1989

    Matsuoka Sensei leading class and training with senior students at Tenshin Dojo LA in 1989. These sessions took place at the West Hollywood location where the dojo scene in Above The Law was filmed.

    The video quality is quite poor and has some frame rate issues. We only had an old VHS tape to ...

  • Osaka 1983 Class

    This video shows Matsuoka Sensei and Seagal Sensei leading classes at Tenshin Dojo, Osaka in the early 1980s (1982-1983). Note the large class sizes and the energy within the practice.You can see Seagal Sensei teaching Matsuoka Sensei kotegaeshi breakfall ukemi at 1:35.

    This video was filmed b...