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The Farewell Demo

4m 42s

Up Next in Season 1

  • Jiyuwaza: Matsuoka Sensei

    Matsuoka Sensei leads a jiyuwaza (free-form training) session with Josh Gold. With the exception of a few breaks, Sensei and Josh have met for weekly training sessions over the last 5 years in which Josh takes ukemi for 30 minutes continuously. This video is a 7 minute excerpt from one of those ...

  • Osaka 1983: Branch Dojo Demo

    Seagal Sensei leads a demo at the launch of a satellite branch of Tenshin Dojo in Osaka. Matsuoka Sensei Sensei and Craig Dunn Sensei (as a white belt) can be seen as ukes. The demo is particularly interesting as it takes place during a transitional period for the aikido taught at Tenshin Dojo. I...

  • Hand Movement Demo

    A short demo of Matsuoka Sensei showing a series of hand movements used to evade and clear two attackers. Ikazuchi Dojo practices this as a randori training exercise, limiting the nage’s options to disallow throws. This brings the focus entirely on positioning to ensure nage doesn’t turn their ba...