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Abe Sensei Demo: 1990s

5m 39s

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  • The Farewell Demo

    December 1981, in Osaka Japan. Steven Seagal Sensei holds a farewell demonstration at an event celebrating his return to America and the founding of Tenshin Dojo in the United States. Seiseki Abe Sensei (10th dan) and Hiroshi Isoyama Sensei (8th dan) are in attendance.

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  • Jiyuwaza: Matsuoka Sensei

    Matsuoka Sensei leads a jiyuwaza (free-form training) session with Josh Gold. With the exception of a few breaks, Sensei and Josh have met for weekly training sessions over the last 5 years in which Josh takes ukemi for 30 minutes continuously. This video is a 7 minute excerpt from one of those ...

  • Osaka 1983: Branch Dojo Demo

    Seagal Sensei leads a demo at the launch of a satellite branch of Tenshin Dojo in Osaka. Matsuoka Sensei Sensei and Craig Dunn Sensei (as a white belt) can be seen as ukes. The demo is particularly interesting as it takes place during a transitional period for the aikido taught at Tenshin Dojo. I...